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Packaging Event 2013

Visited the Packaging Event 2013 yesterday and today. The event will be renamed to Appmangevent for next year to be more inline with the broadened scope of the event. As it is no longer solely focused on packaging, but also on the other aspects of application management, although application (re)packaging was still the main focus this year.
My highlights were the Key Notes by Chris Jackson (the app compat guy from Microsoft) about the future of application packaging and of course application compatibility and by Ruben Spruijt and Jeroen van de Kamp about their perspective on tomorrow’s workspace. Trends such as Enterprise Mobility and Consumerization of IT and the developments in Desktop Virtualization, Application Delivery and Mobility Management were adressed and placed to show their importance to IT workspace design on both short and long term.
Other interesting sessions I found were Darwin Sanoy’s (CSIwindows.com) about Powershell Tips voor packagers (got some handy tips from there) and about SCCM 2007 to 2012 migration. His sessions are always interesting allthough the pace is very high (due to his enthousiasm to give you as much info and tips as possible) so they take some effort to follow, especially for non-native English speakers.
Sessions will be available for download allthough I don’t know whether they will be publicly available. If so I will post a link on this blog.
Of course meeting other people from the industry and renewing some old contacts was anoher great benifit of this event.
Hope to see you at APPMANAGEVENT 2014.